Real Clients, Real Comments

"Thank you so much for your excellent work! In your telephone conference with opposing counsel you made more progress than what we had so far [with my previous attorney]. This is my first positive news on this case and the first agreement. Congratulations!"

"Appreciate your work greatly."

"Got the blood test back [and] I have a son, yea!!!!! [She] is going to bring him to [state] for a week during X-mas. Everything couldn't be better."

"Thank you so much for your representation today. I feel good about how the DV [domestic violence] part went. I felt safe having you in court with me today. I appreciate your thoroughness, wits and all the effort and time you put in to prepare for this hearing."

"Thanks for all you did yesterday. I was very impressed with your presentation... I'm happy that I will be able to spend the holidays with [my] children."

"I appreciate everything you have done for me in this case; thank you very, very much."

"It's good knowing that I have a knowledgeable, thinking, dedicated, 'good hearted' attorney on my side."

"I am really glad you are representing me on this. You have my confidence and thanks for being ready today... I am glad to hear that you are confident about the outcome of this lengthy and tiresome process."

"Mark, I have no words to tell you how much I appreciated your work."

From the relative of a client: "I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your support throughout the year and the good fight you put [up] for [name and] to give her dignity in the process."

From co-counsel in an international custody dispute: "Just read your letter. Great stuff!!! I really like it because I can hear your fist thumping on the table and you saying '…Look here, Mr. [name]…' Yeah… I really like the assertiveness..."

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